Among the precious jewels that should not be missing in a woman's jewelry box, the Tennis...
2019-11-11 10:18:31
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Champion Bracelets: The exclusivity of a jewelery classic

Among the precious jewels that should not be missing in a woman's jewelry box, the Tennis bracelet is certainly among the indispensable and now belongs to the history of jewelry. The bracelet is a timeless, elegant and versatile jewel; it is the historic rivière bracelet composed of a simple yet refined row of diamonds all the same, set one after the other in a flexible setting, which follow one another without a beginning or an end to symbolize eternal love. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Tennis bracelet was renamed by chance with this name by the famous American tennis player Chris Evert, who in 1987 had a US Open match interrupted because he had lost one of his diamond bracelets. During the next press conference, she explained that this interruption had been essential because she never separated from her "tennis bracelet", thus giving the name to one of the must of contemporary jewelry. Since then, the classic diamond bracelet is known to all as a tennis bracelet. From 1987 to today, of course, it has changed in shapes, colors, designs and materials. The Tennis bracelets proposed by Campione, in particular, are part of some classic collections of jewels of the Maison, in white gold and diamonds, characterized by both classic and modern lines created to emphasize precious stones and their maximum brightness. The offer of Campione tennis bracelets is also completed by tennis bracelets with black diamonds, a new jewel born for men but also chosen by women who prefer a more aggressive style. The Tennis bracelet perfectly covers the role of the day and evening jewel, adaptable to both the elegant dress and everyday clothing. Thanks to its simplicity and at the same time to its sophisticated manufacturing, this classic of jewelery continues to maintain an undisputed charm and elegance.