FIRST STAGE: FROM THE IDEA TO THE PROTOTYPE At Design Studio of the Champion Laboratory, the...
2019-11-11 10:18:59
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The craftsmanship and design of Campione jewels

FIRST STAGE: FROM THE IDEA TO THE PROTOTYPE At Design Studio of the Champion Laboratory, the design of the jewel made by the Campione design studio in Milan arrives: it is a freehand drawing, in some cases two-dimensional perspective, in other cases simply given by a sketch drawn in pen or pencil. The design is then modeled in 3D by the company's CAD designers who, thanks to specific programs and prototyping machines, create accurate manufactured models: the design takes "virtually" shape. SECOND STAGE: FROM THE JEWELRY PROTOTYPE Champion TO SERIES PRODUCTION With the prototype mold, which can be made of brass, wax or resin, the development of mass production begins: all the tires, checked for their correct functionality, they are numbered, cataloged and stored in the wax department. THIRD STAGE: WAX DEPARTMENT, BEGINNING OF JEWELERY PRODUCTION Sample In this department vacuum wax liquid injection machines are used, with which the waxes necessary for production are mass-produced. Gathered for orders and quantities, the waxes are then mounted on the so-called "sapling": from a rubber base rises the "trunk" in wax, from which the various "branches" branch out at whose ends the waxes are fixed. FOURTH STAGE: LOST WAX MICROFUSION After coating the tree with gypsum by melting, the waxes are incorporated into the plaster by heat. After a long procedure, the vacuum melting mechanism is activated, implementing the casting of gold in the plaster to fill every empty form. After appropriate cooling, the fusion laboratory is passed to the workbench, the next step in the realization of the future jewel Champion. FIFTH STAGE: WORK ON THE BANQUET Once the fusion has been carried out, the products are collected and cataloged by order and distributed to the goldsmiths, who have the task of refining the object and then assembling the Campione jewel with traditional welding methods. The creations are stamped and marked on the counter to indicate the trademark, the title of the alloy and the identification mark. The assembled Champion jewel then passes into the hands of cleaners and quality controls, carried out for each manufacturing process. SIXTH STAGE: ENCLOSURE DEPARTMENT Champion stones and diamonds, before being set, are properly analyzed and selected. Among the most used gemstones: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, marine waters, onyx, amethysts, quartzes, turquoises, white, black and rosé pearls and diamonds, the symbols par excellence of Campione jewelry. SEVENTH STAGE: RHODIUM The last phase performed on jewels Campione in white gold or platinum is rhodium plating, a bathroom in which the surface of the metal is covered by a very thin rhodium layer, which helps to increase the brightness and brightness of white gold or platinum.