Talking about jewels for men means a bit to go back to the beginnings of the art of jewelery: in...
2019-11-11 10:17:34
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The growing trend of men's jewelery

Talking about jewels for men means a bit to go back to the beginnings of the art of jewelery: in fact, they are born to distinguish authority, military virtue, courage, power. It is from man that woman knows jewels and learns the pleasure of adorning herself with precious ornaments. Until the eighteenth century, there was no clear separation between men's jewelry and women's jewelry, but the ornaments were worn indiscriminately for women and men, fueling the vanity of men and women with the display of precious creations. Every age and every civilization in the past has attached great importance to men's jewels: from the humanistic and Renaissance periods, to the eighteenth-century Russia of the Tsars, to the English lords in the eighteenth century, history testifies to men celebrating the luxury of their clothes and jewels with pearls, precious stones, diamonds. Never before have men's jewels experienced a moment of absolute glory. A jewel purchased to celebrate a professional goal, or simply to assert its personality thanks to a particular design and refined materials: men's jewelery offers precious and elegant objects for strong and masculine tastes. Jewels for men Campione Among the jewels for men proposed by Campione, precious but clearly masculine jewelery creations stand out, suitable for the most varied personalities: precious cufflinks for the most elegant man, modern bracelets for men attentive to fashion trends, different necklaces for both classic and modern men, practical key rings for the most dynamic man, useful money clips for the more traditional man. Two in particular the Champion jewelery collections for men: Justman: a collection of silver jewelery for men, characterized by an essential line, with a decisive and innovative design, with the play of light of silver and semi-precious stones Prestige: jewelery collection for men with a minimal and elegant design, made of gold, enamel and diamonds, for precious and refined creations Campione men's jewels are the perfect gift that lasts over time, which underlines a bond and brings to mind important moments lived together or special occasions of one's life.