Halfway between the style made to measure and the haute couture, the jewelry of Aldo Campione conquers, collection after collection, an increasingly refined and demanding clientele, both nationally and internationally.

The one by Aldo Campione Jewels is an ad personam service for the creation of jewelery and precious jewelery. Unique pieces that arise from constant experimentation, from the refinement of precious stones and from the deep passion for his work and for the originality of his creations. Precious that enchant even for the setting in which they are diligently exposed. It is no coincidence that the griffe's atelier-showroom is housed inside Palazzo Bíscari, a setting where antiquity, tradition and craftsmanship are perfectly combined in one of the most desirable locations in Sicily.

The venue, thanks to the arrangement of its elegant and welcoming exhibition spaces, allows customers the utmost confidentiality when choosing an exclusive jewel. Diamonds, art, culture, refinement and Sicilianity come together through the works signed by Aldo Campione.